Crime in Culture: Bill Cosby and Jimmy Saville

We Need To Talk About Crosby, has now been released on BBC I-player. This four part documentary takes a deep dive into the career and crimes of Bill Cosby, comedian, trail blazer and serial rapists. The documentary delicately deals with not just those who Crosby raped, but also those who had at one point held …

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Believe Her: A True Crime Podcast about Domestic Violence

It does not appear to matter how many family annihilators wipe out of existance the people they are meant to love the most, shocked colleagues or neighbours still talk about what a nice, quiet man he was. We still do not believe that if we as individuals have judged a person to be safe - that maybe we are not seeing everything - so majesticly omnipresent we consider ourselves to be.

The Immaculate Deception: A True Crime Podcast

It is shame, and it's opposite, pride and indifference which are at the core of this story. It highlights that the shame of infertility can be profoundly damaging, and the inflexible gender ideas around it, procreation and parenthood fence people in. It was Karbaat's pride and indifference to the mothers, fathers and children he was creating that was the catalyst for the whole thing.