Body of Proof: A True Crime Podcast

Finishing the podcast felt to me like the time me and my wee brother, who is only eighteen months younger than me, both got on a see-saw, but as we were the same weight, it didn't move at all. No seeing, no sawing, just sitting there awkwardly in the middle, with our feet dangling off the ground, waiting for a grown-up to come along and help.

True Crime Audiobook Review: Killing for Company

The podcase of this review is availible here, you can buy the book in the True Crime Fiction bookshop here. <script src="" data-type="book" data-affiliate-id="6518" data-sku="9781787466258"></script> Killing for Company, by Brian Masters is a slightly different offering in the True Crime genre, but definitely one I would suggest could become part of the cannon.  I picked …

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