Mr Lyttle Meets Mr Big

Joining the police force is not a move to be taken lightly. Police people need to be ready to deal with anything, and will often be interacting with the public in what may be some of the worst moments of their lives, not conditions under which many of us shine. As well as seeing some …

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Pride Bonus Episode: From Oscar Wilde to the Grndr Killer

The trails of Oscar Wilde, compiled by Giles Brandreth and performed by Martin Jarvis is a detailed and loving recreation, using original transcripts, of two trials in which Oscar Wilde was a central player. In the first trial Wilde was suing the Marquess of Queensbury, whoes family is responsible for one of Edinburgh's most gruesome …

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Death as a Living: A True Crime Book

If you are looking for the next great literary piece of true crime in the tradition of Capote, then this will not be the book for you, and that is exactly as it should be. True Crime while often tending towards the most shocking, spooky or gruesome does reflect life, thankfully an extreme of life many of us won't experience, but life none-the-less. Burke, who comes across as a down to earth man of the people makes this memoire all the stronger by retaining his authentic voice, which is the books ultimate strength, rather than trying for literary kudos.