Two Faced by Happy Face: A True Crime podcast

Moore, with her highly unique experience is slowly building a podcast which is valuble in the true crime field, it deepens our understanding of the innocents effected by brutal crimes, the ones that all our storytelling forms, news, films, books have neglected. For those who truly seek to understand the most devient crimes, understanding not just what led up to them, but also there half life is equally important, and Moore does so well in giving a voice, to those who had previously been voiceless.

True Crime Podcast: The Happy Face Killer

Podcast episode availible here. Ain't nothing happy about this. True Crime Podcasting has taken off tremendously over the last few years. It all started with the addictive Serial and now there are hundreds which are either ongoing series which look at a new, or several new cases each week, or deep dives, which forensically examine …

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