The Witness: In His Own Words. A True Crime Podcast about the youngest ever person in Irelands Witness Protection Programme

While the story of a young boy turned gangster, turned states witness is not a new one, there are two things that makes O'Callaghans story unique. Firstly his young age, he was only nineteen when he entered the witness protection programme, barely out of a childhood which was warped by Kenny's hellish controll. Secondly that he admits to being raped by another man.

The Vanishing Triangle: A True Crime Book

McGowan, feels like the right person to have written this book. It is true as a fiction writer she doesn't have the investigative experience of a journalist or former detective, nor the sharp academic skill of a criminologist or sociologist, but what makes her perfect is that she herself grew up in the triangle and was a young woman at the time of the dissaperances and murders.

True Crime Podcast Review: Bad Bridget, with hosts interviews.

You can listen to the podcast of this review here. Bad Bridget is a true crime and history podcast, with a sociological bent, from Queen's University Belfast, and Ulster University. This podcast however bucks the trend of a slew of academicly styled podcasts, by not sounding like a lecture given to an echoey, half empty, …

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True Crime Podcast Review: West Cork

West Cork comes from the Audible Original stable, which of course, is owned by the behemoth which is Amazon. You can tell immediately the two journalists involved Sam Bunge and Jennifer Forde had a good budget to make this podcast. It shows everywhere from the layered and evocative soundscape, to the three years they spent …

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