Crime in Culture: The Sixth Commandment`

It's not unusual for a new true crime drama to drop on television and for everyone to be talking about it. It reaches a larger audience than those who consume true crime podcasts and brings to light crimes that either the general public hasn't heard of, or were too young at the time to remember. …

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Crime in Culture Round Up: The Unforgotten and Villan or Victim?

We do women no favours if we discount their violence, their crimes or the great damage we can do and only see them as victims. More importantly we compound the damage they have done to their victims. We, however also do wrong if we don't take into account the fact that we live in a society where it is all to easy for impressionable, vulnerable women to be manipulated by older, more powerful men. My answer to the question that we should never be asking, if these women are victims or villian, is instead to let go of the pervasive "perfect victim," fallacy and accept that a great deal of the time, people can be both.