The Sleep of Reason – The James Bulger Case: A True Crime Book

For even the most hardened of true crime fans there are some crimes that we edge around, because they are too disturbing, too difficult and too horrible to look full in the face. There are other crimes that stick in the mind, become a landmark in memory and culture, the names involved becoming bigger than the person they used to be attached to and instead filled with emotion and meaning which is hard to quantify or contain.

Chasing Ghislaine vs Hunting Ghislaine: Two True Crime Podcasts about Ghislaine Maxwell

Much sexual abuse by women is not reported, because of taboo's around sex and gender. We are yet, as a society, to find a comfortable middle ground where women can be "a bad person," and take part in things which are totally definatively criminal, but also have occasional redeaming charactorists and behaviours, or be a victim of abusive people herself.

The Good Neighbours: A Crime Fiction Book

The narrative is deceptively simple, in many ways because to really see the story you have to consider it from so many points of view, consider that what was decidedly make believe to one character was decidedly real to the world in which another lives. That in many ways we are mainly people who just happen to intersect with each other for a short time. It is impossible to truly know how other people really see the world or ourselves. It is so often time that is the only thing that gives us real perspective.

The Drop Out vs Bad Blood: True Crime Podcasts about Elizabeth Holmes

In a system that is largely run by private business it was probably inevitable that sooner or later the profit-before-all fake-it-till-you-make-it narcissism of many businesses considered successful today would finally also hit American health care. As ever, while rich people play at saving the world, the ordinary among us are the ones who pay the price in our lives.

Interview with Daniel Seton, Commissioning Editor at Pushkin Press

Daniel Seton, Commissioning Editor at Pushkin Press, and good conversationalist. This week instead of a review Mairi interviews Daniel Seaton who is the Commissioning Editor at award winning Pushkin Press, who recently published Dust Off The Bones, which was reviewed on TCF earlier this year. You can listen to the full interview above, which ranges …

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