Death’s Kiss: A Crime Fiction Book

Availible to pre-order through the TCF Bookshop. Profits go to support independent retailers and True Crime fiction Listen to the podcast episode here. Death's Kiss, by Josh Reynolds is published on 1st June by Aconyte and is a crime novel set in the fantasy world of the Legend of the Five Rings role playing game, …

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Book review. The Tales of Beedle the Bard, by J.K. Rowling..?

Fairy-tales, before they were collected by the middle-classes were not nice moralistic tales where sweet women behaved passively and were rewarded with the hand in marriage of a handsome and unnamed prince. Real fairy tales gave voice to the the voiceless. Not just a voiceless underclass, but often the voiceless within that underclass. Those who's mouths were taped over by the ruling classes, and vocal chords pulled out by anti-children elders, patriarchal attitudes, poverty or plain selfishness within that class and their families.