Interview: Any Suiter Clark author of Girl, 11

This week Mairi sit's down with crime fiction author Amy Suiter-Clark to talk about the process of writing her debut Girl, 11, and many other things crime fiction, including why neither of them will ever light up a room.

Girl, 11: A Crime Fiction book about a true crime podcaster

It is never long before crime fiction follows true crime, and one has to wonder if the podcaster could be poised to replace the private eye, who's peak in crime fiction does feel somewhat in the past.  The prospect of the podcaster as the new crime fiction hero - or more likely heroine, given true crimes demographics - is intriguing, as they bring in not just a new job, but drag with them an audience.

Short Story: Nuts About You by Camilla Mcpherson

Until then, she and Hugo were just a summer fling. Exciting for her, because Hugo had looks and threw money around like no one’s business. Exciting for him because Carly, if not quite from the wrong side of the tracks, was definitely from a different station. Now Carly realised that, if she played her cards right – acted like she cared and moved fast – he might actually fall for her. She ran a hand gently through his clean, lemony hair.

Interview: Dea Parkin, Secretary of the Crime Writers Association

Last week I sat down with Dea Parkin, Secreatry of the Crime Writers Associaton. We chatted about crime and mystery, upcoming trends, and most importantly awards! So if your considering entering any of the CWA Daggers do have a listen. There's also plenty of interesting information about CWA resources for readers as well. You can …

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Suspect: A True Crime Podcast About a Miscarriage of Justice

And we, the general public, we put our faith in these systems, while not understanding their operations and flaw, because what other choice do we have? We could live in a world where we feel safe and therefore powerful, or we could live in a reality where the good don't always triumph, where the truth doesn't always come out, and where a family in Hyderabad sit, with no justice for their daughter.

Bonapart: A True Crime Podcast about the death of Laura Van Whye

When Laura Van Whye's body was found close to a highway some people assumed she had been hit by a truck, and some people have choosen to believe that over the last twenty five years. Laura however had friends and family who were willing to continue looking for answers, her mother has spent years trying …

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