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Relentless Pursuit: A True Crime Book About Brining Jeffrey Epstein to justice

Epstein doesn’t deserve a picture on my website.

Most of the time, the persuit of a criminal is fairly straightforward. A crime happens, the police are alerted, they investigate, someone is arrested and tried. However, things are not always so easy, there can be situations where people who have money, power and influence can game the justice system, partially by being able to afford expert council, and despite all the evidence seamingly pointing at them, they can still duck, dive and weave their way from the consequences of their actions.

It is just such a complex game of cat and mouse which is detailed by Bradley J Edwards who represented many of Epstein’s victims for over a decade. Edwards not only had great knowledge of the law but a strong tenacity which saw him carry on trying to bring a case against a man with almost bottemless coffers who could sue and counter sue him, as well as place private investigators on his tale, and try to ruin his marraige. One short case with this level of personal attack and intrution might be more than enough for most people, but trying to pin Jeffrey Epstein down went on for years.

The book contains sickening descriptions of what Jeffrey did to the young women he abused, they are given without emotion as they might be in court, but it is hard to hear them and not feel a swell of disgust and a pang of vengence. The weaving of law suit and counter suit also becomes confusing at times, for those of us with no law background, and the list of other people, also wealthy, also powerful, also well connected appears to stretch out to touch on all areas of public life.

In Relentless Persuit Edwards shows us that one person with enough tenacity can work against forces much larger and more powerful than himself. However it is not in everybodies gift to do that kind of work, and not every victim will be lucky enough to have Edwards, or a lawyer of his caliber, on their side. Which is why although it is right that Edward’s work is recognised and honoured, the more important work is to change the systems which allow the wealthy to evade justice if not enterierly, at least for a very long time, leaving in their wake inumerable lives which others have to scrape back together.

For more on the sex trafficking of young girls by Epstien and his friends check out Chasing Ghislaine and Hunting Ghislaine

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