Twin Flames: A True Crime Podcast Which Is Most Definitely About A Cult

Which of us when faced with heartbreak, be it the end of a long term relationship of the rejection from a new lover have not reached out to try to find both solace and advice. What went wrong? How can I make sure this doesn’t happen again? Was it me? Are only a few of the questions that run through everyone’s head. It is a pain and confusion that most of us know all to well. Now with the internet not only do we have a plethora of dating options, but we also have a an unlimited amount of people, many with dubious credentials, who can offer all of us the answer to our problems, some of which we didn’t even know we had.

One of the worst out there has to be Twin Flames, run by Jeff and Shaleai, which promised to coach people to find their twin flame a divinely appointed soul mate, and help you through any blockages to achieving “perfect union.” While all cults eventually descend to disturbing depths of control, Twin Flames eye poppingly encourage a woman to stalk a previous partner to the point that when she was jailed for harassment and she continued to call him from the phone in the jail. Another was forced into changing her gender identity not once, but twice through their process. Meanwhile Jeff announces to the Twin Flames following that he is the second coming of Christ, and by the way he will get really, really angry if you call it a cult. It’s a cult.

Never take love life advice from people who dress like five-year-olds.

While the podcast serves as a warning to take with a very large pinch of salt anyone on Youtube who can solve all your problems (by the way the only person who can solve them is you) one of the most fascinating episodes is the last one where Rachel Bernstein, therapist, cult expert, and host of the IndoctriNation podcast dissects Jeff’s “work,” and Cassius Adair, fascinatingly dissects the gendered aspects of the story. Both additional interviews offer great insight, and the only fault with the podcast may be that Bernstein and Adair were not more regularly peppered through the six previous episodes rather than loading them in at the end, which felt like something of an afterthought.

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