Bonus episode for International Women’s Day

This international women’s day, I’ve dropped a special bonus episode where I talk to crime fiction author CJ Cooper about women and crime. The conversation includes, but is not limited to, women serial killers, methods of murder and societal constructions of women’s violence.

CJ is published by Little Brown, and her first two novels The Book Club, and The Verdict, now released as Lie To Me, have been proving popular with crime fiction fans. CJs books and all the others mentioned in this podcast only episode are featured in the True Crime Fiction bookshop.

I’m also delighted to announce that CJ will start becoming a more regular guest on the podcast, so keep your ears peeled for more bonus episodes. In the mean time if you would like to help the work of the podcast and this website please consider becoming a Patreon. Supporting the work of TCF this way can mean upgrading the website, and equipment, as well as enabling us to bring you more special content.

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