Interview with Daniel Seton, Commissioning Editor at Pushkin Press

Daniel Seton, Commissioning Editor at Pushkin Press, and good conversationalist.

This week instead of a review Mairi interviews Daniel Seaton who is the Commissioning Editor at award winning Pushkin Press, who recently published Dust Off The Bones, which was reviewed on TCF earlier this year. You can listen to the full interview here, which ranges across Japanesse crime, French crime, Agath Christie, and the pshycology of the Sunday evening crime drama.

Breaking News: Mairi’s first novel Self Help for Serail Killers: Let Your Creativity Bloom, is part of the Capital Crime and Amazon New Voices Award. At this point in the award the public can access all the first chapters and then have five votes they can distribute to the ones they like the most. The ones that recieve the most votes will be shortlisted for the judges to choose from. To be eligible to vote you either need to purchase a ticket to their festival, or a subscription, which also comes with two free books a month.

Unfortunately you have to do a lot of scrolling, but you will find all the first chapters here, and I would very much appreaciate the support of my readers and listeners. If you are not able to afford the festival and membership, don’t worry, if your interested you can download the first chapter from the website here.

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