Top 5 weekly true crime podcasts. No1!

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I’ve already gone through numbers 5-2 of my top five recommended true crime weekly podcasts, and we have finally arrived at poll position. Number one. If any of you know me personally you will probably have already guessed who it is going to be. If any of you are already well immersed in the world of true crime podcast you can probably take a very educated guess. Yes, it’s Morbid.

Every time I see an episode drop I get a little jolt of excitement, and plan my day so I can have a bit of uninterrupted time to listen and enjoy. Morbid is the product of Alaina and Ash, an aunt and niece duo who started their podcast in 2018, and it has gone from strength to strength. Alaina is a mortuary technician, so she brings a wealth of knowledge about cadavers, and how they react to differing circumstances, as well as things like poisons, dismemberment and various body parts. Ash is a hairdresser, and as a hairdresser she knows people’s secrets, don’t worry, she doesn’t spill any on the cast, but she does understand human beings, and brings warmth to the show. In fact Ash and Alaina’s relationship is so wholesome and warm you almost forget your listening to true crime.

Morbid however is not a serious show, which for some people may sit badly, and make it not the right show for them. Personally I believe in laughing at the bad stuff in life at the right time, and Ash and Alaina manage to walk the tightrope that is true crime comedy with sensitivity and aplomb. If your still not convinced about the combination listen to their double episode on BTK, which is hilarious. They perfectly manage to puncture the over inflated ego of Dennis Raider, and as I referenced in my reviews of Des: Killing for Company, this does something important for us. It takes a killer, who once captured could become a legend, a bogey man a modern day monster, and a by-word for fear, and puts him in his proper place, one where we can all see what is at their core – nothing. And When we laugh at things we can take back our power from them, and ease our own fears. That is why true crime comedy although niche, is a really important part of the true crime genre. I hope that Ash and Alaina will be putting a smile on my face, and helping me deal with my fears for a long time to come.

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