Top 5 Weekly True Crime Podcasts: No. 3 Crime Junkie.

You can listen to the Podcast here.

If you are totally new to podcasting, or if you are dipping your toes into the murky waters of true crime then Crime Junkie makes a great gateway podcast. And yes, it was also the gateway podcast that really got me into true crime podcasting and all it’s possibilities.

What is good about Crime Junkie is that it is solid, reliable and also treats true crime in the way I like. No ghoulishness, gore or salacious thrills, but plenty of centering the victims, and a look at societal impacts on and of individual crimes.  They also have tools available for listeners such as the If I Go Missing pack to give to trusted friends, and they pull out lessons from crimes for personal wellbeing without victim blaming.

It’s easy to hear these two childhood friends are serious about true crime and the role of all of us in crime awareness and investigation. They also make the effort to focus on crime against LGBTI+ people, people of colour and indigenous women (the last one appears to particularly need attention in Canada and US).  They also donate some funds from sale of merchandise to causes which help identify unidentified bodies, to return them to their families, and projects which aim to improve the use of DNA testing in solving crimes.

Other weekly podcasts I recommend have a more magazine or sociological bent, such as Red Flags and Criminal Broads.  The last two will be blending together crime and comedy, but Crime Junkie is definitely there for those of you who missed your calling as a police detective, but would still like to indulge from the comfort of your own home.

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